NOTE : The complain should be raised against damaged product within 24 hours after the product received.

1. In general , an item may be eligible for return within applicable return window if it fulfills one or more of the following conditions

2. If the product was delivered in a physically damaged condition.

3. We will exchange the damaged part with no extra added cost.

4. Is different from what was ordered

-We will exchange the product with the original product ordered with no extra cost

5. You can return the goods within 10 days of purchase with actual -10% of the total amount will be deducted as processing fee


Note : We will accept the return only if it initiated within 24 hours of the product received.

When Product can be returned

1. Product Mismatch for the ordered size/design

2. Faulty Product


* Defected goods should be returned within max 15 days in unused condition. One we receive the goods in our warehouse we will check the product within 24-48 hours for its condition and process the refund within 7 days from the day we receive the goods back.


*We will deduct 10% operational charge + To and fro shipping charge + or any other charge with was paid for the same shipment if incurred by Popkidspool from the original amount paid by buyer.

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